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Self Empowerment and Success Workshop For Children

This workshop is designed for teenage children who are at the beginning of a new life. This workshop deals with mental and emotional stress related problem of children. This is a two to three day workshop where in group work is done to help them deal with their issues like relationship with parents, self confidence, public speaking, fear of competition, handling examination fear etc.

This is to prepare them to be powerful and productive in their studies and personal life. It is also about having openness in their relationship with teachers and friends.

There is a session on reiki in the workshops to help them enhance their capabilities and relax in the life situations. Also to recognize failures in life and turn them in triumphs and make right choices without regrets. It is also to help them deal with aggression and pessimism towards life and help them grow in positive Environment.

Techniques to be used in Workshops

  1. Reiki for relaxation and Health
  2. NLP : Enhancement of mind power and programming the sub conscious to be a better personality
  3. Inner Child healing work to deal with present aggressive/ passive nature of a child!
  4. Visualization Technique: To impact a creative future!
The contact address of Ms. Sangeeta Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster)
School of Holistic Healing, D 175, Phase 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052
Phone Numbers: +91 11 27233011,  +91 9811142249
Email: sangeeta@moneymantra.net