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Money Mantra Course by Correspondence

School of Holistic Healing offers a very unique opportunity for people who cannot attend the workshops personally. Money Mantra course is one of its kind that deals with people's money problems and the cause of their problems.

Each student is put into the inquiry mode through The Money Mantra Workbook. The student has to faithfully acknowledge his.her problems in creating wealth. The student has to answer certain questions given in this workbook to enable us to understand the nature and the cause of its problems. The workbook is to be sent back to us. It would point us to your mental blocks, personality and goals in life.

On the basis of this workbook we create special money mantras/ affirmations and a audio CD on Money Mantra for the student. This is where real work starts...

This CD re-programs and changes yourthe sub-conscious mind in a positive way. Through the techniques of relaxation, money mantras and visualization one starts reaching the sub-conscious mind and its strengths. The exercise is to be done for 40 days regularly without fail. In 40 days your mind becomes receptive to its own unlimited potential.

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The contact address of Ms. Sangeeta Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster)
School of Holistic Healing, D 175, Phase 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052
Phone Numbers: +91 11 27233011,  +91 9811142249
Email: sangeeta@moneymantra.net