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The Money Mantra course is about relating to money as a game in which aiming to win is essential for success and satisfaction.
The Money Mantra course is about developing a new relationship to money in which you have power, control, freedom and fun.

The Money Mantra course is not only about money, it is about success, joy, and happiness too.
The Money Mantra course is for you if you want more money than you have now- but it's not about making money.

The Money Mantra course is for you if you want a powerful new way to plan and manage your finances but it's not about financial planning.

The Money Mantra course is for you if you want to learn about successful approaches to handling money but it's not a money advice program.

The Money Mantra is for Corporates and Individuals, to find the right job, the right client, the right business environs, the right employee.... to get over financial problems or debt -related issues.

The Promises of the course

We Promise

That you will experience a dramatic increase in your level of prosperity, wealth and abundance.

That you will discover the source of all financial problems, including your own.

That you will develop new empowering and effective ways of relating to the four facets of money : Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing.

If in return you promise

To play full out (a half hearted flirtation with this programme will be a waste of time) to complete all the exercises, in sequence.

To reserve judgment on the programme for forty days after completing the final step.

The Money Mantra Course is of only 1 Day duration.
Contact Ms Sangeeta Gupta at +91 11 27233011,  +91 981114224 

The contact address of Ms. Sangeeta Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster)
School of Holistic Healing, D 175, Phase 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052
Phone Numbers: +91 11 27233011,  +91 9811142249
Email: sangeeta@moneymantra.net