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Reiki is a Japanese system of Natural Healing by laying of One's own hands. It can sure all physical, Mental and Emotional Problems of a person. It is taught in a two day workshop, which deals with Basic level and Advanced Level of Reiki i.e Touch Healing and Distant Healing. Mastership level is given to experienced students who are practising and producing good results with Reiki after doing the Advance course of Reiki.

Reiki and Karuna ReikiKARUNA REIKI

Karuna Reiki is for Reiki Channels only. It is a one day workshop. Karuna means compassion and love. With Karuna Reiki more energy flows through one's palms. It is more powerful and effective than Usui Reiki but not separate from it.   There are eight powerful symbols in Karuna Reiki which will mobilize your goals. One of these Symbols goes to the deepest root of the diseases to release the Karma. Sometimes it is possible to get visions of past lives with these Karuna Reiki Symbols. Karuna Reiki is must for those wanting affluence, health and results.

Course Fees Duration
Reiki 1 and 2 Rs. 5000 2 full days
Reiki 3A Rs. 5000 1/2 day
Reiki Mastership Rs. 15,000 1 day
Grandmastership Rs. 15,000 1 day
Karuna Reiki 1 & 2 Please ask 1 day
Karuna Reiki Mastership please ask 1 day
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