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Marriage and Soulmate seminar is for those people who are on a lookout for perfect life partner and happy marital life. And till now they have not been able to find that special person. This is a workshop that is specially designed for such single people.

It is a one day workshop that can be done by appointment. In this workshop the participants work on their obstacles regarding marriage. The problems are removed through the technique of mantra chanting and meditation by the participant himself or herself. By this method they heal the past karmic issues and blocks along with future incoming problems in the relationships.

The participants use the power of the sub-conscious mind to get the kind of life partner they want in their life. It involves 40 to 60 days of meditation and chanting. Most people who do this workshop with trust and belief will get the results within this time period. For the rest who do the chanting the results of getting the right partner will be much quicker.

This technique is also very useful and beneficial for people who are divorced and are scared of getting married again, because they think that the next marriage might also not work. Their fears are addressed and negative past is released.They are thus able to invite a new loving successful marital relationship again in their life.

This is a one day workshop and can also be done by correspondence.

Course Fees: Rs 5000
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